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Tips for ECO driving and Remaps

Some of the basic principles of driving for fuel economy are
below and apply equally after any remap of your vehicle.

A remap will aim to improve the efficiency of your cars engine by very small adjustments to manufacturer’s settings depending upon your specification of power / economy. For the economy remaps power increases will be smaller but the basics are the same, to gain miles per gallon any increased efficiency needs to be used to gain mpg not “go faster” and if extra power is used for enhanced driving pleasure then mpg gains will not be seen.


1) Always ensure your car is kept in good health by
regular and correct servicing

2) Regularly check tyre pressures

3) Switch off air conditioning if not needed

4) Remove not needed roof / bike racks or other
aerodynamic hindrances

5) Close windows / sun roof

6) Petrol cars generally have a sweet spot for economy
around 2500 rpm and below

7) Diesel cars generally have a sweet spot for economy around
2100 rpm and below

8) Accelerate gently and change gear early but not
labouring the engine

9) On automatics when accelerating and the car remains in
a low gear, by backing off the throttle slightly you will often allow the
gearbox to change up and use torque/drop revs

10)  Anticipate road conditions / traffic and back off the throttle early coasting to a stop or slowing down rather than braking heavily.

11)  On motorways sticking to 65-70 mph will greatly aid fuel economy

12)  Allow speed to drop slightly on uphill sections / use a constant throttle opening

13)  Remember, we / the manufacturer can ensure your car is operating at maximum efficiency but the way you drive it will make the biggest difference. USE A LIGHT RIGHT FOOT!

14)  Following a remap it is natural to explore the improved performance of your vehicle. Use this as an opportunity to find how best to extract extra mpg from your own car using the above tips. We have run re mapped vehicles of many types and can normally see improvements of 5-10% and sometimes more where an ECO remap option is offered.