Porsche 3D Wheel Alignment in Essex

Wheel alignment has a significant impact on your vehicle. Here at Mercury Sports & Classic, we understand that you want it to be completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get back on the road again. We work hard to ensure your Porsche continues to meet car manufacturer specifications, and we can also alter angles to meet your needs for off-road driving, such as if you decide to take your Porsche Cayenne off-road.

Bosch 3D Four-Wheel Alignment for Your Porsche

Our Porsche specialists use one of the most accurate wheel alignment systems available – Bosch 3D Four-Wheel Alignment equipment. The system delivers incredible precision and fast results for every make and model of Porsche.

This state-of-the-art technology can solve most Porsche alignment problems, and our technicians can help you save on tyre wear and tear by using this system. Measuring a minimum of 12 angles and comparing them to vehicle manufacturer specifications, we can use these highly accurate readings to fix tracking issues before they become major problems.

How do I know if my wheels are out of alignment?

If you’ve noticed your Porsche Macan seems to be pulling to the right or left as you are driving, your wheels may be out of alignment. Other signs to watch out for are squealing tyres, noisy steering, uneven and rapid tyre wear, or a crooked steering wheel when driving in a straight line.

Is tracking the same as wheel alignment?

Yes. Tracking is another name for wheel alignment and is often used to refer to the correct position of your Porsche’s wheels as according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Can I still drive my car with bad alignment?

While you can drive a car with bad alignment, it can have a significant impact on your steering, tyres, and fuel economy. You may find that your car pulls hard to the left or right, that your tyres wear down quickly, or that your fuel doesn’t last as long as it usually does for the same journeys. If you want to prevent it from becoming a significant issue, it’s important to get your car booked in for realignment.

Will my tyres be affected by bad wheel alignment?

Yes. A smaller misalignment can shorten the life of your tyres by a few thousand miles, while larger tracking issues can mean that your tyres wear out in a few hundred miles. This can be an expensive repair cost, so getting your Porsche tracking sorted as soon as possible can save you money in the long run.

How long will wheel alignment take?

The time it takes to align your wheels will vary, depending on wear and tear. It can be completed as quickly as an hour. If you have any questions about your Porsche tracking system, or you want to book in to realign your wheels, contact us for a free quote.