Air Conditioning for Essex Porsches

Most motorists won’t think about their air conditioning until the hotter summer months. If their A/C is broken or faulty, they won’t notice until a lot later in the year. This is why regular servicing and maintenance is a good idea, as it can significantly increase the life of your Porsche’s air conditioning system.

Standard A/C servicing for Porsches in Essex

Here at Mercury Sports & Classic, our skilled technicians can help with regular servicing. We are trained in servicing all air conditioning systems in Porsches, from the Panamera to the 911s including the 997.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we can extend the life of your air conditioning system and remove bacteria and harmful odours from your system. Our standard A/C service includes:

  • Duct temperature and gauge pressures checking against ambient temperature
  • Refrigerant recovery and weighing
  • Receiver drier replacement
  • System evacuation, dehydration and recharge
  • Leak testing
  • System control functions checking to OEM specifications including clutch actuation, flap operation, and thermostats
  • Checking of components such as drive belt tension, mounting bolts, condenser condition, drain hose, and pollen filter

Antibacterial cleaning services available now

We also offer antibacterial cleaning services for your Porsche to eliminate unpleasant odours and help to disinfect your vehicle. The antibacterial cleaning service helps to disinfect and protect your vehicle by removing microbes, bacteria, and fungi. For allergy sufferers, it can prevent allergic reactions by removing the bacteria and other microorganisms which cause it.

What does an air conditioner do?

Car air conditioning systems are designed to cool the interior of your car in hot weather and is especially useful in warmer summer months. It is standard within almost all new vehicles. Some car owners prefer to use the air con instead of opening windows, especially when stuck in traffic.

How long should my air conditioning last?

A typical air conditioning system in your Porsche will last around two years before it needs re-gassing, though your car may need more depending on how frequently you use it and on individual manufacturer recommendations.

Why is my A/C blowing hot air and not cold?

There is no feeling quite as bad as turning on your air conditioning to find that it is blowing hot air into your vehicle instead of cold. When this happens, it is usually a sign that there is a leak in your system. Refrigerant is a liquid that circulates through your A/C, and without it, your air conditioning will not function properly. A leak test can help to find the source of the problem so that our Porsche specialists can repair it with ease.

When is the best time to turn on my air con?

Running your A/C before you start your car can rapidly reduce the battery life of your vehicle. Many experts recommend turning your air conditioning after 15 minutes in order to prolong the life of your battery. If you’d like further information, please contact us.