IMS Bearing Replacement for Porsches in Essex

The IMS bearing is a relatively small component that can cause big issues for your Porsche if it fails. Also known as the Intermediate Shaft Bearing, is the supporting bearing on the flywheel end of the engine. The mechanical rotation of the crankshaft indirectly drives the camshaft. It helps to prolong chain life as the speeds of the chains are significantly reduced. Some Porsche models have problems with the IMS bearing, which can lead to the costly repairs and major engine failure.

Which Porsche models are affected?

The Porsche IMS bearing problems don’t affect all models. That said, there are some more prone to issues than others, which are:

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How much does an IMS bearing replacement cost?

The IMS bearing replacement can be costly, but many specialists will replace the component during clutch replacements, as it is easier to get to during this time. The price can vary depending on the model.

What happens when the IMS bearing fails?

There are plenty of horror stories online about IMS bearing failures. If the bearing does fail, it will fracture, leaving behind a jagged edge. The worst-case scenario is that there will be valve to piston contact and you will have major engine failure. Your engine will need a full rebuild, which is an expense many people do not want.

How do I know if the IMS bearing has been replaced on a used Porsche?

The significant problems facing Porsches, such as Boxsters, Caymans, 996s, and 997s, mean that trusted mechanics and specialists have been registering any bearings that they have replaced. This is so that you can feel confident that your car has had the treatment it needs to resolve this problem before it becomes a big issue for you. If you aren’t sure if the IMS has been replaced on a used Porsche, our specialists can advise you.