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We understand how much your vehicle means to you, Porsches are completely unmatched luxury cars, which offer not only a beautiful driving experience to the owner but look extraordinary whilst doing so. 

Here at Mercury Sports and Classic, we want to make sure that your vehicle remains on the road for as long as physically possible. Our services ensure that your car performs at its full potential and runs as smoothly as it can, for as long as it can. 

Servicing your Porsche not only keeps the engine running healthily and in good working order, but allows us to spot any unforeseen problems before they cause the car any harm. Regular maintenance allows us to spot things like oil leaks and corrosion before it’s too late. 

Prolong your Porsche’s life span effectively and get it booked in for a service today.

911 (1964 to 1989)

The earliest generations of Porsche 911, hard to come by, but with patience comes reward, these cars are magnificent and when kept in good condition, they will take the spotlight in any car showroom or garage. This is where it all started for the 911 range. 

Look after your vehicle today by getting it serviced as regularly as possible.

911 (964)

The Porsche 964 was the next generation of 911 and was manufactured between 1989 and 1994. Another one of the older Porsche models, bringing a real vintage feel to wherever the car is taken. This vehicle definitely requires regular servicing due to its age, Once a year minimum.  

911 (993)

Then came the Porsche 993, the perfect balance between age and beauty, produced between 1994 – 1998, the car carries lots of nostalgia over from the earlier models, but with many improvements as well. However, this is still an old vehicle, which makes it ever so important that it’s serviced regularly, in order to keep it roadworthy for as long as possible.

911 (996)

And then the next Porsche to the 911 family was the 996 model. Produced between 1998 – 2001, it was unpredicted how much a change in headlights could affect the reputation of a car, with most Porsche lovers initially looking down upon the model. But in today’s world, this car finally receives the love it deserves, as people finally release how underrated this model is. 

911 (997)

One of the more recent models of Porsche 911, manufactured between 2004 – 2008, who would have thought that the headlights would return back to normal. This beautiful vehicle brings back memories of the original 911 builds, but with a more futuristic feel, proving why Porsche are some of the best luxury cars, always keeping up to date with the times. 

911 (991)

The most recent Porsche 911 variant is the 991, produced between 2011-2015. A truly beautiful car. Getting this car into a rhythm of servicing now will undoubtedly pay off in the future and help maintain its value and efficiency. Looking after this car now before it is too late will definitely pay off and keep it running at its best for as long as possible.


The Porsche Boxster, this car was introduced in 1996 and offered a slightly more cost-efficient model of car when compared to the 911 range. These cars have a much more unique feel, being most similar to the 911 (996.) These vehicles are great for drivers on more of a budget and can perform exceptionally when well serviced and looked after.


The Cayman was derived from Porsche’s second and third generations of Boxster and was introduced to the world in 2006. This is another vehicle that was made to be slightly more cost-efficient than the 911 range and offer a great driving experience to individuals on more of a budget, an exceptional car that can perform for years when looked after and serviced well. 


In 2009 Porsche came out with their first 4-door Sedan, a great concept that was originally drafted almost 30 years prior to its release. This vehicle offers a fantastic driving experience with much more room for diversity. It has the extremely enjoyable driving feel that all Porsches offer, but with much more room, and 2 extra doors. 


In 2002 Porsche evolved even further, expanding the market by creating their first SUV. This was a great move by Porsche as they combine the sports car DNA with the practicalness of a larger car build. Touching almost a decade in age, it is extremely important to get these vehicles serviced regularly in order to prolong their lifespan and keep them running at their best. 


One of the next Porsche SUVs was released in 2014. Another great move by Porsche as their technology improves, creating an even better car with the reliability of the average Porsche which is extremely practical due to its size. These vehicles are still rather new so getting into a rhythm of services now is a great practice to prolong their lifespans before it’s too late.

Since we first opened our doors in spring 1990 it has been our aim to be a cost-effective alternative to the main dealers, yet providing a professional and friendly service along with very competitive pricing. 

You get complete peace of mind with a fully protected Guarantee, as we use OE quality parts and Mobil Oil, we offer a  guarantee for 24 months or 24,000 miles. 

We will not carry out any service work or any repair without your authorization.
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