Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspections in Essex

When buying a used car, you want to know that there won’t be any surprises once the deal is done. A pre-purchase inspection can help with that. Pre-purchase inspections (otherwise known as PPIs) give you the opportunity to take the vehicle to a specialist for review. They will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and tell you about any underlying problems that might cause you issues further down the road. As Porsche specialists with over 30 years of experience, we can offer you expert advice before you buy.

What’s included in Porsche pre-purchase inspections?

Porsche pre-purchase inspections take a thorough look at the vehicle you are intending to buy. It’s perfect for older and classic cars that need a little more love and attention. If you’re thinking about buying a used Porsche, such as a 911 (1964 to 1989), this is perfect for you. The inspection will look over all areas of the vehicle, including:

  • Steering and suspension
  • Drop links and roll bars
  • Discs, brake pads, callipers and brake hoses
  • Tyres
  • Wheel arches
  • Porsche chassis and body
  • Fuel and brake lines
  • Gearbox leaks and condition
  • Engine leaks and condition
  • Exhaust system and mountings
  • Air conditioning
  • Oil coolers and oil lines
  • All lights, lenses checked for chips and cracks
  • Cockpit instruments and switches
  • General interior inspection
  • ECU data faults
  • Door locks
  • Exterior body, paint scratching, chips and dents

If you’d like further information about whether a pre-purchase inspection is right for you, contact us.

How does a pre-purchase inspection work?

Our Porsche specialists will examine the used car in great detail to verify that all of the components are in working order. The inspection is ideal to find out the general condition of the car, as well as any defects in the body, frame, and engine that you need to be aware of. The PPI can help make sure you are making a quality investment without putting you at great risk of a breakdown.

Is a pre-purchase inspection worth it?

A PPI gives you a clear understanding of just what you are taking on when you buy a used car. If there are any mechanical issues that you should be aware of, or potentially expensive repairs to make, the pre-purchase inspection will show you the hidden costs of buying the used Porsche. The cost of the inspection depends on the vehicle, but you’ll often find it is well worth the expense.

How long will a pre-purchase inspection take?

Our specialists will examine every part of the vehicle for you, and so the inspection can take several hours. It can take longer if there are significant issues we find, as we will further examine the faults so that you get the full picture.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?

When it comes to a pre-purchase inspection, you will not need to be there for it. Our Porsche mechanics can examine the car for you and provide you with a detailed report of any issues you may have. They can also talk you through their findings at the end to help you understand the investment you are making.